Urgent inerting call

It often happens that they call AQ for an urgent job. But that it was so urgent that we received guidance for passage was unexpected!

Proud of the response time from AQ team and very satisfied that we were able to complete the requested task!

Inflating Fenders

Euronordic Agencies Antwerp arranged Big Yokohama Fenders for a customer that needed to be inflated.
As we are good partners, we were happy to help!
– 5 x Big Fender 3.30m x 6.50m
– 2 x Big Fender 1.50m x 3.00m

Urgent Filtration

Last Saturday AQ was asked if we could perform a filtering operation during the loading of a barge.
Within a few hours, AQ was ready at the client’s location to carry out the operation!
– Product: Caustic Soda 50%
– Micronage: 20µ
– Flowrate: ± 300m³/hr

Custom welding

We were contacted by our client to make tailor-made reducers and connection pieces.
No problem for us!
A total of 14 reducers in stainless steel with 300 LBS flanges and more, tested and certificated.