HOSE & PIPE-LINE cleaning and testing

AQ offers a high-quality mobile hose/pipeline test service.
To offer a complete package, AQ can take care of aswell the cleaning, as the testing.
This can be done on your location or at AQ.


Complete service for hoses and pipelines

Industrial Hoses

Testing, cleaning and certifying hoses off all different types and sizes.


When hose or pipelines need to be cleaned prior to testing or for use of another product, AQ can take care or this.


Pressure testing and marking fixed pipelines in-between shore tanks

TEsting hoses on an annual basis is mandatory

our test service

SIR certified

AQ is a SIR-certified (StichtingIndustriëleReiniging [Industrial Cleaning Foundation]) company, which means that we are qualified inspectors in our field. This guarantees a watertight test service that thoroughly scrutinizes and analyses the quality of your equipment. ON-SITE REPAIRS Our staff can carry out small repairs on-site at your location


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