about aq

AQ is a chemical service provider, specialised in filtering off-spec petrochemicals, renting STS equipment, inerting/purging, degas service and offering a complete hose/pipeline test service.

AQ + Origin


AQ is a young and dynamic company

AQ is situated in the port of Antwerp, thanks to this central location we can react quickly and work efficiently across Europe. Our operational team, trucks and mobile units are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also because of that, we can react quickly to worldwide problems. This offers our clients a big head start related to transport, promptness, and efficiency. This flexibility gives us a great advantage to meet the various needs of our customers and also our intervention rate in case of calamities.

With more than 10 years of experience in chemical problem solving, Alain Devroye († 2015) established the company AQ in 2005. Because of his background in chemistry and his insight in the needs of the industry, he was sure that people were in dire need of a company like AQ: a reliable, flexible partner who solves problems concerning product contamination or degradation in an efficient way. We can provide ‘Vapor Return Systems’, during loading of vessels, barges or trucks. These units can also be used as a back-up system. Also, we offer complete hose/pipeline test services and rent out fenders, hoses, and reducers.


AQ is a team of professionals who do their utmost to help you regarding all your chemical problems. Our know-how, combined with thorough training and education let us work according to the strictest safety and emission regulations.


Our employees are a vital key to success

Their training and accompaniment will lead to competence and motivation. This Quality and Safety policy translates to our fellow workers, subcontractors, customers and forms the banner of our company and services. Therefore we require our employees and subcontractors to fully subscribe to this policy and to act in the spirit of it. Furthermore, we expect them to always behave like a good family man with the necessary dose of involvement.

Only in this way we believe that measurable and high-quality growth is possible. We want to strive for continuous improvement of our Quality and Safety Management System. We believe we can achieve this through personal inspections and through careful analysis of failures. The management commits to comply with all relevant legal obligations. The objectives for the coming year will be determined annually in conjunction with actions to achieve them.
Managing Director, Kris Verboven.

The market where we operate is the maritime and chemical sector, with all inherent risks and dangers associated with it. The possible risks are mainly in the area of ​​hazardous substances and their respective resistance and compatibility with other materials.

In this context, our Quality and Safety policy is there to avert personal injury for our own employees, subcontractors, and customers. Furthermore, our activities may not result in material or environmental damage. The tools we use to maintain are:

  • A dynamic managing system where all risks are continuously evaluated and improved till they’re managed.
  • A clear system of all procedures and instructions for safe and high-quality performances of all our activities,
    with respect for nature.
  • Experienced and well-trained personnel with the necessary safety self-awareness.
  • The right information and instructions to our clients and subcontractors.


AQ is a dynamic and fastgrowing company

AQ became a big player as a chemical service provider in the Port of Antwerp and more. We want to reach that goal by specifying our expertise and gain brand awareness in a fast-evolving market. The customer chain is restricted, but our services and products are wide. this means we permanently have to pay attention to safety and quality in all it’s aspects (fast and competent service, focus on the customer, time of delivery, price, …).

To be successful, now and in the future, AQ invented a system to not only secure quality but also to keep on improving continuously. Therefore the managing board chooses for quality management conform ISO 9001 - 14001. Customer satisfaction and continuous improvement is our main goal. The quality improvement plan serves as a pillar.