Tanks used to store liquids or gases often require treatment.

AQ can offer the following services:

  • Degassing for cleaning, maintenance, new product, ...

  • Gassing up before loading.

  • Purging/inerting to oxygen level.

  • N2 blanketing

  • Drying to a dew point

  • ...

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All mentioned services are applicable on below. Contact us for other degassing/purging solutions.





Tank containers/trucks

Gas spheres

We are recognized by the port of Antwerp as an official degassing services supplier

overview of our equipment

Degassing and purging operations became operational during 2011. Due to our varieties of different degas units we can offer the best solutions for any degas related questions or problems.

Degassing and purging equipment:

  • Mobile Cryogenic Degas units (Recovery of Product)
    Flowrate 1m³/h - 2000m³/h.
  • Mobile Enclosed Flare Units
    Flowrate  1m³/h - 1800m³/h
  • Mobile Gas Scrubbers
    Flowrate 1m³/h - 3500m³/h
  • Mobile Evaporators Ambient or Steam Units
    Flowrate 1m²/h - 10 000m³/h
  • Mobile Activated Carbon Units
  • Mobile cryogenic tanks for: LIN/LOX/LNG/CO2/LAR ...

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