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– AQ was established by Alain Devroye († 2015) as an off-spec treatment specialist of liquid products.


– Start of a rental division specialized in industrial hoses and fenders for the shipping industry. Soon the rental of reducers, adaptors, pumps were added.


– New services became operational :

  • Cryogenic Degas services with Partnership Linde Gas – Maritime and Industrial

  • Inerting services – Maritime and Industrial

  • Testing & certification of hoses/pipelines (SIR-certified).

In a short time, our company grew out to be a certitude in the Port of Antwerp. Through the years AQ expanded fleet and equipment to be able to serve its clients any time, any place. Our experienced staff is at your service for 24/7 assistance on a worldwide European scale.


– New General Manager Bruno Grimbers


– New services: 

  • Cooling down LNG bunkering tanks

  • Refilling of carbon dioxide tanks on board of vessels AQ Projects was founded: larger environmental projects covering comprehensive services


– AQ Degassing was created because of the increasingly stringent regulations regarding degassing, combined with our ongoing innovation and search to offer our clients the most appropriate solution.


– In May 2019, AQ and AQ Degassing became part of “Origin Group”.


– Start up Chemicals: cleaning products, demulsifiers, gas wash fluids, …

– Expanding Degassing Services: 9 cryogenic units, 3 flares, 14 gaswashers,…

AQ provides, together with Linde Gas, cooling down of LNG fuel tanks.

First ‘green’ tanker in the port of Rotterdam.

One of the four new tankers of the Swedish shipping company Terntank has visited the port of Rotterdam on the eighth of August. This is the first ship driven on LNG.


The propulsion of the ship ‘Ternsund’ is provided by two, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient, LNG fuel tanks, with each a capacity of 315m³. The ship, part of the project “Into the future-Baltic SO2lution”, is also equipped with extra facilities to minimize harmful emissions.


The arrival of the Ternsund got a pretty official touch. The ship was festively welcomed by the owners and producers of this oil and chemical tanker, representatives of the shipyard and the port of Rotterdam, members of the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as other stakeholders and partners.

Downcooling tanks

AQ provided, together with its Dutch partner Linde Gas in Schiedam, the down cooling of the LNG fuel tanks. Before filling both tanks, it is necessary to cool them down to-160 ° c. This happens with liquid nitrogen, that makes the temperature of the tanks drop about 10 degrees per hour. The complete operation takes about 18 hours, whereby safety and quality have the highest priority. Commissioned by Shell, both tanks will be bunkered with LNG. The other three ships of shipping company Terntank will also be down cooled with liquid nitrogen in Rotterdam and bunkered with LNG.

AQ is a young and dynamic company, internationally active and specialized in degassing of cargo-, barge-and shore tanks, railcars, containers, etc.

With more than 10 years of experience in chemical problem solving, Alain Devroye († 2015) established the company AQ in 2005. Because of his background in chemistry and his insight in the needs of the industry, he was sure that people were in dire need of a company like AQ: a reliable, flexible partner who solves problems concerning product contamination or degradation in an efficient way. We can provide ‘Vapor Return Systems’, during loading of vessels, barges or trucks. These units can also be used as a back-up system. Also, we offer complete hose/pipeline test services and rent out fenders, hoses, and reducers.

AQ is situated in the port of Antwerp, thanks to this central location we can react quickly and work efficiently across Europe. Our operational team, trucks and mobile units are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Also because of that, we can react quickly to worldwide problems. This offers our clients a big head start related to transport, promptness, and efficiency. This flexibility gives us a great advantage to meet the various needs of our customers and also our intervention rate in case of calamities.


There is a team of fourteen professionals who do their utmost best to help you regarding all your chemical problems. Our know-how, combined with thorough training and education let us work according to the strictest safety and emission regulations. It is self-evident that all our operators are VCA-certified. VCA is the Belgian equivalent of SCC (Safety Certificate Contractors) and guarantees an extremely safe management system.

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AQ bv / AQ Degassing bv (further referred to as AQ) is a dynamic and fast-growing company that has become an important player as a chemical service provider in the port of Antwerp and beyond. AQ wishes to further deepen its expertise and gain brand awareness in a rapidly evolving market. The clientele is limited, but as the products and services offered are wide, continuous attention must be paid to quality, safety, and the environment in all its aspects.

In order to be successful now and in the future, AQ has implemented a system to not only guarantee its QSE performance but also continuously improve it. In this context, the management has resolutely opted for an integrated management system in accordance with VCA * (safety), ISO 9001 (quality), and ISO 14001 (environment). Besides, the management of AQ is at all times committed to meet all the following requirements:

  • From applicable laws and regulations
  • Which have been made known by relevant stakeholders
  • Which are considered necessary by the organization

The market where we operate is the maritime and chemical sector. The possible risks are mainly in the area of ​​hazardous substances and their respective resistance and compatibility with other materials. In this context, AQ always strives to prevent personal injury for our employees and third parties. Furthermore, our activities may not result in material or environmental damage. The tools we use to maintain are:

  • A dynamic managing system where all risks are continuously evaluated and improved till they’re managed.
  • A clear system of all procedures and instructions for safe and high-quality performances of all our activities, with respect for nature.
  • Experienced and well-trained personnel with the necessary self safety-awareness.
  • The correct/clear information and instructions to our clients and subcontractors.

Also, AQ strives to make the product- and service providing, as qualitative and environmentally friendly as possible. The focus is placed on:

  • Striving for optimal customer satisfaction
  • Striving for optimum quality of the product and services
  • Constantly optimizing internal processes
  • Performing periodic checks, internal audits, and assessments to continuously improve business processes
  • Reducing waste production
  • Preventing (environmental) complaints and incidents
  • Reducing harmful air emissions

This QSE policy is translated to our employees and customers and is the showcase of the company. We, therefore, require our employees to endorse this policy and act following its spirit. Moreover, AQ expects them to always behave with due diligence with the necessary involvement. Only in this way is quality growth possible.

This QSE policy will be evaluated within 3 years and updated if necessary.


Managing Director,

Bruno Grimbers


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To exercise one of the rights, please send an e-mail with the requested information and proof of identity (eg copy of the identity card on the reverse) to [ops@aqnv.com].
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AQ is specialized in off-spec treatment. As from the foundation of the company we have shown to numerous customers that we are a reliable partner with regard to upgrading off-spec batches. We solve chemical problems caused by product contamination or degradation.




  • Dehydration unit
  • Filter unit HFH-1
  • Filter unit HFH-4
  • Filter unit HFH-6
  • Duplex filter unit
  • Coalescer

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In  2009 AQ started with a rental service. Our equipment is stored, tested and utilized in accordance with the relevant guidelines.   Rental equipment:

  • Certified Hoses
  • Reducers & Couplings
  • STS Fendering
  • Mobile Drip trays

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Degassing and purging operations became operational during 2011. Due to our varieties of different degas units we can offer the best solutions for any degas related questions or problems.  

Degassing and purging equipment:

  • Mobile Cryogenic Degas units (Recovery of Product)
    • 9 x mobile units ( 500Nm³/h à 3000Nm³/h )
  • Mobile Scrubbers
    • 14 units
  • Mobile Activated Carbon Units
    • Only for polishing purposes
  • Mobile Enclosed Flare Units
    • 3 x mobile units ( 200Nm³ à 1800Nm³/h )
  • Mobile Evaporators Ambient or Steam Units
  • Mobile LIN-tank

We are recognized by the port of Antwerp as an official degassing services supplier. 

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AQ offers a high-quality mobile hose/pipeline test service. Testing hoses on an annual basis is mandatory. SIR CERTIFICATE AQ is SIR-certified (StichtingIndustriëleReiniging [Industrial Cleaning Foundation]), which means that we are qualified inspectors in our field. This guarantees a watertight test service that thoroughly scrutinizes and analyses the quality of your equipment. ON-SITE REPAIRS Our staff can carry out small repairs on-site at your location 


AQ provides, together with Linde Gas, cooling down of LNG fuel tanks.   Before filling tanks with LNG, it is necessary to cool them down to-160 ° c. This happens with liquid nitrogen, that makes the temperature of the tanks drop about 10 degrees per hour. When the tanks have reached the desired temperature, they can be bunkered with LNG.



AQ bv
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+32 (0)3 685 41 76

iso certified vca certified

AQ Degassing bv
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