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We develop a tailor made solution to all your chemical challenges.

cleaning products

Our cleaning products are designed according to the type of product which has to be cleaned. A practical test is always carried out in the conditions in which the cleaning product is used.
This way, a quick cleaning is realized with a reduced time of execution and use of cleaning product.

treatment of oil

When processing oil, a de-emulsifier is used, which accelerates dewatering processes.
Depending on your type of oil and process, we can provide different types of additives.
Adjustments can always be made to the type of de-emulsifier to speed up your process.

gas scrubbing fluids

A gas scrubber is an installation that treats the gas or vapour flow through liquids.
We have several types of gas scrubber liquids, which can be used with fuel- or chemical gasses/vapours, to control gaseous and odour emissions.

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