• December 9, 2016

AQ provides, together with Linde Gas, cooling down of LNG fuel tanks

First ‘green’ tanker in Rotterdam harbour. One of the four new tankers of the Swedish shipping company Terntank has visited the Rotterdam harbour on the eighth of August. This is the first ship driven on LNG.

LNG The propulsion of the ship ‘Ternsund’ is provided by two, environmentally friendly and energy efficient, LNG fuel tanks, with each a capacity of 315m³. The ship, part of the project “Into the future-Baltic SO2lution”, is also equipped with extra facilities to minimize harmful emissions.

Welcome The arrival of the Ternsund got a pretty official touch. The ship was festive welcomed by the owners and producers of this oil and chemical tanker, representatives of the shipyard and the port of Rotterdam, members of the European Commission and the European Parliament, as well as other stakeholders and partners.

Downcoolen tanks AQ provided, together with its Dutch partner Linde Gas in Schiedam, the downcooling of the LNG fuel tanks. Before filling both tanks, it is necessary to cool them down to -160 ° c. This happens with liquid nitrogen, that makes the temperature of the tanks drop about 10 degrees per hour. The complete operation takes about 18 hours, whereby safety and quality have the highest priority. Commissioned by Shell, both tanks will be bunkered with LNG. The other three ships of shipping company Terntank will also be downcooled with liquid nitrogen in Rotterdam and bunkered with LNG.